What do I know?

Not that much.

The problem is that so many people think they know things they really don’t know.

What do I mean?  A simple example is how to control our weight.  This has become a major industry and problem for many people.  Yet when we look at  weight control by controlling calories, we see a real problem.  Just an additional 100 calories a day will lead to a large increase in weight over time.  Yet, many people control their weight over a lifetime without any effort.  They do not watch what they eat.  Yet somehow they do not gain weight.  The idea is simple, the body controls our weight.  If we make that control too complex, it will not work.  We end up working to decide how much and what we will eat at every meal.

Is there a simpler way?  I think there is.  A reading of Gary Taubes is very instructive.  He lays out the evidence and the control is much easier than we have been lead to believe.  Maybe we are trying too hard to control weight.  Another part is exercise does help, but it is independent of weight.  We can be healthy and overweight.

Maybe we should relax and stop trying to control everything.

We think we can control our society with more rules.  The problem is that as we introduce new rules, we can never tell what the results will be.  Saying the rule will produce a certain outcome does not make it true.  Controlling prices may not help.  Price controls likely will simply result in shortages.  But, but….  We can look at the problem and come up with a reasonable solution.  Maybe not.

My recommendation.  Stop trying to control everyone.  If you think something is important to do, then do it.  Do not try to force everyone else to do your bidding.

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