Going it alone?

I did everything alone.  I could almost not ask for help.  I can attest this is not a good way to live or simply exist.

I tried doing business on my own, since no one would hire me.  I did not do well, but the trying kept me going.  I tried to tell and sell.

The thing that started to turn me around was BNI (Business Network International).   The first meeting I attended sounded good, but why would I pay $500 to join.  I did not see the value.  I struggled.

My second meeting, a year later, I was ready.  I heard the message.  The motto of BNI is simple, “Givers Gain.”  Your purpose is to find referrals for other people.  You build relationships.  After all, 95% of the people you meet are not going to do business with you.  However, everyone is looking for something.  By having trusted friends, I give you a referral.  That referral makes me look good.  I am building relationships, not selling.  Relationships do work to build business.

What did I learn?  Don’t try to sell my product or service to everyone you meet.  Find out what they need and help them get it.  I know my time will come.

I also began to see the need for a structured program to succeed.  BNI tracks almost everything that may affect referrals.  You are not likely to do this by yourself.  Why try?  Find some people who can help your succeed.  BNI training is great.

Everyone is not my customer.

I can’t do business alone.

I have to find trusted people to help.  Most of us need that help.  Do you?

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