Marketing Secrets

If you believe that having the absolute best product is the key to success in network marketing, please check out another blog.

I always thought the absolute best product was the key to success in marketing, especially in mlm marketing.  Only recently have I begun to see that is not true.

One question should answer that for you.  Are all successful products the absolute best.  In fact, none are.  Having a great product is part of the package, but your product is not perfect.

The secret is marketing.  Don’t tell lies.  Do tell stories.  Stories are how we communicate.  Tell about successes.  It is the connecting that sells the product.

There are a number of important considerations in finding a great network marketing company.

One thing worth knowing is that most MLM companies fail.  Thousands have started.  Only about 200 have lasted over 10 years.  Start-up companies have not been a good bet.  An established company is your best bet.

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