I don’t need no stinkin’ mentor.

A mentor is going to look at what I am doing wrong.  At my mistakes.  A mentor will see that I don’t know everything.  I struggle, sometimes with simple things.

A mentor in MLM is someone who has built an organization.  Someone who does recruit.  Someone who shows you how to recruit.  If you do not have an up-line who can call prospects with you and show you how it is done, you work with a huge disadvantage.  I have concluded that most uplines do not know how to teach the business for one simple reason.  Most of them have not done it themselves.

I avoided being seen as not knowing things since at least the fourth grade.  When we began long division, I could not ask for help.  I had studied it last year.  I had to go home, go thru the book, study how it was done and learn it again.  I could not admit not knowing.  That would mean I did not understand.

Well, the time has come.  I don’t know lots of things.  I have been slow at learning about relationships.  I think too much.  I am too careful.  I keep my lamp hidden.  In fact, I have almost made it invisible.

Now, I am ready to learn.  I am ready to build a business.  I have found a mentor and with hin, I am ready to go.  Guess what, even mentor’s don’t know and can’t do everything.  Who knew?

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