I looked longingly at network marketing for years. Outside of the scams, it is a great way for an individual to start a business.

Why? Or better yet, how?

1. Low cost to start.

2. Can do it part time, or part time leading to full time.

3. Ideally, the business is like a franchise without the startup fees.

4. You will have someone to show you the ropes and mentor you.

5. As a business, you get tax savings.

There are potential problems:

1. There are scams and you need to learn how to spot them.

2. The part time person would have difficulty making any income with the plan. These people will be a big part of your success. If they can’t make it, you will not either.

3. You may not really have a mentor or other help in learning how to make the plan work.

4. There are other potential problems.

In spite of the pitfalls, the opportunity is real. So what do you do?  So what was I doing wrong?

Stay tuned.

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