Slowly finding success

I love to learn, to think, to collect information, look for areas of agreement, and look back to see how things fit.

What are my strengths?  An interesting test from Gallup, at  You have to buy a book for the test.

Learner – You love to learn.  This means I am energized by learning.

Intellection – You like to think.  Yes, I just like to think.  It is fun.  It can be a dead end as far as getting things done.  But I have to think.

Input – You are inquisitive.  I collect things.  I collect information.

Harmony – You look for areas of agreement.  I hate conflict.  We are all in the same boat.

Context – You look back.  You look back because that is where the answers are.

What does this test tell me?  My strengths have been my weaknesses.  Thinking is helpful, but I get bogged down.  I want to keep learning, and never doing.  I have to break the chain.  Maybe writing will help.  I am finally at a point where I am changing.

Context may be my salvation.  Why is that?  Looking back I see a pattern.

I had the ability to get the interest of groups since I was in high school. I never did anything with that ability.

I have been studying success at least since my college days.  I first read Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Earl Nightingale, and W. Clement Stone.  I liked what they were saying, but did not understand.  I did not have the burning desire.  I had a meager understanding of human relations.

I can be slow at using the ideas that I learn.  I took Dale Carnegie training in the mid 90’s. I went back and coached 5 more classes and took the advanced speaking.  I loved it while I was there, but did not apply a lot of what I learned.  One of the greatest insights was finding that everyone has an interesting story, and they can learn to tell it.

Being bright meant that I could have success working at a leisurely pace.  I did my work and more, but I could have done even more had I wanted to.

After being laid off and over 50, I flailed around and tried several sales jobs.  No they were not career type jobs.  I fell back on computer tech support, as that was what I knew.  I found BNI (Business Networking International).  I began to learn about Givers Gain.

People are social.  We like relating to other people.  We like to help other people.  This is how small businesses work.  We give referrals to people we know and trust.  They make us look good.  Everyone is rewarded.

Here’s where I am right now.  I have chosen a business that can be scaled large.  I am working on my purpose.  I am developing habits for success.  I believe we do live in a world of abundance.  That each additional person offers two hands to help and a brain to think.

I’m getting started.

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