I wanted success all my life.  I have been looking thru the window at the candy store all my life.  I have not been able to see how to get it, or even what it means.

Oh, I read the success books.  I wanted to have a burning desire.  I did not have it.  I wanted to have goals.  But how could I, I did not really want anything.

I was lonely and could not bring myself to do anything about it for years.  Even as I tried, I could not break free.

I learned that I did not and do not trust government.  I want people to have liberty.  I do not think the way is thru politics.

I was somewhat successful helping people with computer technical issues.  Dale Carnegie started a change, as I saw and heard the interesting stories of all sorts of people.  But I still did not see what success could mean for me.

I struggled with not finding a job after 2001.  I flailed about.  I began networking.  Networking is what you do when you lose a job.  I found hanging around with other people out of work was depressing.

I began to do what I knew, computer tech support.  I did not get building relationships at all.

In 2007, I found SendOutCards and BNI.  I began to see the value of relationships.   SendOutCards was not bringing in money,  I began to have more success with tech support.  I was depressed and not functioning well.  BNI was really all that kept me going.

Last year after spending all my savings and losing my home, I began to come out of depression.  I was approached about network marketing.  And I began a new journey.

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